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The New Music Hutch Release

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 2:15pm

On April 30, 2013, a new and improved version of The Music Hutch was released. In this new release, The Music Hutch server was upgraded to handle more music uploads with faster speeds for uploading, browsing, streaming, and searching music. Other releases include improved site design and layout, and new supported file formats such as MP4 and MPG for uploading. For a full list of what's new at The Music Hutch, visit http://www.themusichutch.com/whats-new/.

Our current main objective now is to earn funds to grow and expand Soma Studios' nine releases, and continue work on the 10th and future releases of Soma Studios. We have an infinite amount of ideas (this is not the problem) and the knowledge to make these ideas happen, the only obstacle we currently have is gaining funds to continue development of these great and upcoming future ideas.

Here's what we've tried, and here's what we are going to do:

What we've tried:
Seeking angel investors. We had no luck with this after trying many times.
Text advertising (PPC). This generates revenue, but only enough to pay a portion of the server bill.

Here's what we will do:
Audio ads. The Music Hutch is currently receiving over 200,000 unique monthly visitors and over 30 million hits a month. Now is the time to monetize the Site with Audio Ads, since most listeners listen to music from The Music Hutch outside the Site, such as in blogs, social network profiles, and external websites. This should generate enough revenue to continue growth and expansion of the Site. We are currently working with Audio Ad agencies to implement Audio Ads at The Music Hutch.

Restyle this website, The Five Million Dollar Rumble, and design the navigation for more simplicity, replace HTML frames with CSS frames and make the site much faster and more simpler to use. Once the site is restyled, we will get the word out even more. This site was released in 2008, and we believe we have a great story to share and cool games to help Soma Studios earn funds.

Seek investors from crowdfunding websites, such as Kickstarter and Fundable. We are now currently working on a The Music Hutch music video for these crowdfunding sites, to help us earn funds to "kickstart" these ideas.

We are now reengineering Polski Domek. A few months back, we have completed a business plan for Polski Domek with a business model and full plan of how this site will be architected and engineered. It is now in the works.

As you can see, a lot is planned and in the works.

If you are a website owner looking to promote your site, now is the time. Better sooner than later, and there are only a limited amount of "rumble spots." Buy before it's too late, because if you don't, these "rumble spots" may go really fast one day, and you'll be losing out on lots of exposure to your website. Don't miss out. Buy now.

Lettuce Debate - Let Us, The People, Debate

Sunday, March 3, 2013 11:11pm

Lettuce Debate Ė Let Us, The People, Debate

Ladies and Gentlemen, Soma Studios has just recently released an online debating platform of the people, by the people, for the people, called Lettuce Debate Ė Let Us, The People, Debate! www.lettucedebate.com Lettuce Debate is Soma Studiosí 9th major online release.

For a more detailed description of how you can participate in the debates, and even post your own debate topics, visit Lettuce Debate.

In earlier blog posts, youíll read in regards to online guerilla marketing, SEO, business planning, entrepreneurship, status and progress of this project and Soma Studiosí productions, and more related to this project (The Rumble 5) and Soma Studios.

Whatís next?

Getting the word out for Lettuce Debate, earning money online, and expansion.

Lettuce Debate is Search Engine Optimized (SEOíed) and ready (may be a few bugs I didnít catch) for users to participate in online debating.

Iím going to invest around only $1,000 in online text ads to get the ball steady rolling, backlink www.lettucedebate.com on other sites for search engines to crawl, and continue working, expanding, and architecting Soma Studiosí projects. Soma Studiosí is also starting work on its 10th release. Exciting. Upon big-time success, Iíll be releasing an e-book for those interested in entrepreneurship and the internet, as well as the history, present, and future of the internet.

Below are a few links to debates I posted at Lettuce Debate. Feel free to choose a stance, either Pro or Con, and post arguments for the debate with possible solutions. Together, as The People, we can make a difference.

Does Crime Pay?

Batman vs. Superman. Who wins?

Michael Jordan - the greatest basketball player of all time

GM crops for human consumption.

Should private citizens be allowed to legally own guns?

Should abortion be legal

For more debate topics and to post your own debate topic, visit Lettuce Debate Ė www.lettucedebate.com.

Let Us, The People, Debate!

Enjoy Debating and sign-up to The Rumble5 newsletter to receive updates to your inbox.


Business Planning (Part 2)

Saturday, June 30, 2012 2:49 pm EST

Itís been a while since Rumble5.comís last blog entry. A lot has been accomplished. Hereís the latest:

  • Business plans are complete and are now being delivered to investment officers around the globe
  • SEO Work to Soma Studiosí websites
  • More productions are in the works and some are complete.

Writing business plans is not an easy and fast task. It requires lots of research, time, and work. Business plans require an executive summary, an overview of the industry, a market and competitive analysis, as well as a marketing, management, operating, and financial plans.

I am in the process of sending Soma Studiosí business plans to investment officers around the globe, and will update my status in regards to the business plan and results here at this Rumble5.com blog. An e-book will also be written to help guide entrepreneurs in starting up a business, based on my real-life experiences with strategies that work and do not work.

Lots of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques are being incorporated into Soma Studiosí websites. You can see results for yourself at www.chichigirls.com. This and last monthís contest has over 50 ladies submitting photos for the contests and users signing up to the website is growing. My previous blog entries have more details. The e-book will also have many details on SEO tactics.

More productions are in the works, with more work for released productions, such as www.chichigirls.com, www.themusichutch.com, www.polskidomek.com, www.therockettoluna.com, and more. I am holding on for now of releasing a few of the productions, because it can become quite an overwhelming task for one individual to manage. Once Soma Studios gains funds, there will be no stopping us. Itís on!

Future game show is in the works here at Rumble5.com. Getting ready for round 3, Rumble the Dealer!

All you chumps are gonna bow when I whoop him, all of you, I know you got him, I know you've got him picked, but the man's in trouble, Ima show you how great I am! ~ Muhammad Ali


Business Planning

Monday, September 05, 2011 3:07 pm EST

Back from vacation!

Now that I'm back, time for more work. As of now, I'm working on Chichi Girls and Soma Studios' 9th production. Being that I have lots of work, and most of it is only me, it's time for business planning (writing out professional business plans) to get funding for these projects and future projects, so my colleagues and I can join forces and build really intense applications for the web. I'm going to work on composing two business plans, one for Soma Studios and its projects, and one for PolskiDomek.com, as PolskiDomek.com is innovative, new, and can really improve global communication. Not like anything on the web, and much more advanced then what Facebook is coming out with: http://www.insidefacebook.com/2011/09/02/facebook-testing-translate-button-comments/

I'm currently working full-time and am going to work on writing these professional business plans with people who have professional experience writing business plans. Upon completion, I will share tips on writing business plans. The goal is to get funding, so I can work on these projects with fellow colleagues, as these projects will bring a positive impact in the world, such as easy communication with others no matter which language you speak and easy language learning tools, and ending war and hunger in the world, such as The Rocket to Luna project, as well as many other innovative projects Soma Studios is working on and planning to release in the near future.

An SEO Tip I have left out in my previous blog entries is W3C compliance. When ready to release a new website, make sure to validate your website so it's W3C compliant. This is so search engine bots have a much easier task reading your website. You may validate your websites at this site: http://validator.w3.org/ Make sure that your website has 0 errors. This will improve your SEO rankings.


19 Days - Progress

Friday, July 29, 2011 1:57 pm EST

Here's my latest progress report:

If you have read my previous blog entry, I had 19 days to complete (the core) of Soma Studios' 9th production. A lot is done, and still needs a little work, such as adding "bells & whistles" and a good design. I'm going to take as much time as is required to finish the project and make sure it's as solid as possible when released. How long this will be, I'm not sure, but I don't want to be too hasty.. As haste makes waste.

As for Chichi Girls, during those 19 days, I was also able to add a viral feature to the Chichi Girls Facebook application. This also still needs a little more work as I don't want the viral app to be "spammy."

Time for a little vacation from work. Once I return, my plans for Chichi Girls are lady model photo shoots in New York City. Each week, I plan on taking photo shots of 2-10 beautiful and pretty women a week and post them on the website. Lots of exciting stuff coming up. Stay tuned!


19 Days

Monday, July 11, 2011 5:15 pm EST

Soma Studios is now working on its 9th production. I won't give details about the project. It'll be a surprise. There are 19 (work) days left until I have vacation. I've created a time planner on how long it should take before I complete the project. Not sure if I'll have it launched in 19 days, since I might be thinking about adding a nice design to the site, but the core of the site should be done in 19 days.

My time planner tells me the core of the project should be completed in 14 work days, and today marks work day 2. That gives me 5 extra work days in case a work day needs to be split up into two days.

As for Chichi Girls, the website is growing. Internet Guerilla marketing and SEO tactics will be included in a future e-book I will be releasing upon success. If you are a website builder, and are not getting lightning results, you're not alone. Sometimes you have to keep "dropping the bombs" as many artists do with their work.

The key is you have to push it to the limit and not give up, even if you've launched a lot of your art work, the key is not to give up. Check back shortly for status of this project The Rumble 5, Soma Studios productions such as Chichi Girls and the future release of Soma Studios' 9th production. There are 530 days left until December 21, 2012. Soma Studios' 9th production should be completed within 20 days, which will then be 510 days left for the Rocket to Luna project. Let's hope for the best.

Total The Rocket to Luna visits: 38,475

Total Rumbles: 112,852


Internet Guerilla Marketing

Sunday, May 01, 2011 11:35 pm EST

In continuation to all the online marketing strategies I have been providing in my previous blog entries, I will be listing more marketing strategies that are increasing web traffic and leading towards success that I am incorporating to Soma Studios' (an interactive web and creative arts studio I am president and founder of) websites. Upon success, I will be releasing an online marketing guide and e-book with marketing formulas for your online success. A simple guide with all the strategies I've used that work and don't work and the amount of money spent (most strategies cost no money, just of course time for work,) such as a case study.

As of now, Chichi Girls - Ostentatiously stylish women of the world, Soma Studios' 8th production, is now hosting its second pageant and contest of Short Shorts fashion. Last month's April 2011 contest of Spring Dress Fashion has come to a close and voting is now taking place until May 15, 2011.

Contests are always a great idea for a website since it makes the site more active, fun, and enjoyable. You may place sharing widgets across your website for visitors to help spread the message.

Visit www.chichigirls.com and click around to get a good idea on what I mean.

In my previous blog entries, you will be reading about an internet marketing case study in regards to ChichiGirls.com. The website is steadily growing with more and more visitors each day. As of now, ChichiGirls.com is receiving about 500 unique visitors a day with an Alexa rank of about 400,000 (1 month of 280,000) and these numbers are growing. Chichi Girls still has a Google PageRank of 0, but as you can see, having a PageRank of 0 does not mean your site should be getting a low amount of traffic. There are plenty of ways to gain traffic to your website without Google.

To help promote the contest, I've signed up to social media websites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube to notify people of upcoming contests. Below is an embedded video of May 2011's Short Shorts fashion contest.

Once you create a video, upload to as many video hosting websites on the internet. This will increase the amount of views.

Also, once you get a good amount of users signed up to your website, sending out periodical newsletters with the latest updates on your website is a great idea, as it keeps visitors coming back to check out what's new.

Having blog owners write blog posts in regards to your website, service, contest, etc. is also a great internet marketing methodology as readers of the blog will be informed in regards to your product or service, and this will also help increase your SERP (Search Engine Ranking Placement) as the more quality sites link to your site. Below are two links of blog posts about ChichiGirls for a good idea.

Try to contact blog owners if they are interested in some sort of exchange or maybe for a small amount of money. There are blog writing review services such as Bloggvertise and ReviewMe where you may add a few dollars to your account and blog owners, if interested in your product or service, will write a good blog post for you.

Also, if you have new features to your product or upcoming events or just some new updates you would like to share, try free press release and article services. This is also good for backlinking. Try a few search engines with the search terms "Free press release" and "Free article submission" and so on.

Keep your content fresh on your website and keep updating with more content. The more you update, the more frequent search engines will visit your site. ChichiGirls, just having a PageRank of 0, is being crawled almost every day because of new content always being added to the site.

Creating apps, such as for Facebook and Mobile Phones will also increase traffic to your website. Below are link to Chichi Girls Facebook app and Chichi Girls toolbar extension for Mozilla Firefox internet browser.


Launching a website is like a garden. Once launched, it may grow or it may not, depending on how you care for it. With a garden, you may plant seeds, and let nature take its course, or you can take great care of it, such as pulling weeds, watering, plant food, fertilizer, changing soil, replanting, giving plants lots of sunlight, and so on, and your garden, just like a website will grow into a beautiful garden, with great reward for your work, such as a website. And just like a good garden to grow, it also requires patience.

As I wrote in my first paragraph, Upon success, I will be taking this blog and piecing it to an e-book internet guerilla marketing guide and case study for your online success.

There are now 109,230 Rumbles. The sooner you make a purchase of a RUMBLE spot, the more traffic and exposure of your website. Check back soon for more updates and more guerilla internet marketing tactics that work.


SEO - Status Update (Part 2)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011 12:44 am EST

Springtime is here! (That is in the northern hemisphere, such as New York.) Chichi Girls is now ready for its first pageant and contest. The theme will be Spring Dress Fashion.

As my earlier blog entries go into guerilla marketing techniques for a website, I will be adding more techniques I am using not listed in my previous blog entries.

Now that I've optimized ChichiGirls.com to be fully optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SERP (Search Engine Rank Placement,) I will be working on marketing the website by back-linking (having other sites link to your website) either by website owners writing a blog post or adding a small link on a website to ChichiGirls.com. Not only will this bring in visitors to ChichiGirls.com by visitors reading other blog posts and clicking on the link to check out the site, but this will also increase the ranking for search engines, having the website rank higher while searching for a search term, such as "girls."

If you're launching a new website, and looking for ways to gain backlinks, you can try emailing website owners and doing a link exchange. This can be time consuming and tedious. If you have a small budget set aside, such as me, you can try websites such as ReviewMe (www.reviewme.com) and Bloggvertise (www.bloggvertise.com). At these websites, you can add funds and people will review your service or product for as low as $5-$10/post. Setting aside a small budget such as $200/month will get you 20-40 backlinks, which is a good amount for one month.

ChichiGirls.com is currently getting 350-450 unique visitors a month. My last previous blog entry was at 250-300. Prior to that post, ChichiGirls.com was receiving about 50-100 unique visitors a day. As you can see, with the techniques I am using, ChichiGirls is growing at a steady pace, with still a Google PageRank of 0. The Alexa Rank is now 600,000 (with a 1 month rank of about 300,000.)

Other than having backlinks on other sites, below I will list my next steps to increasing traffic to the website ChichiGirls.com:

  • ChichiGirls.com will be having its first pageant and contest beginning April 1, 2011. Prizes of Victoria's Secret gift cards (ranging from $25-$200) will be awarded to four (4) winners. This should generate some buzz. Once the pageant and contest is launched, I will be sending out a newsletter to all members notifying them of the contest, and posting on ChichiGirls' Facebook and Twitter the news.
  • Creating a YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/chichigirlscom and uploading videos in regards to the ChichiGirls pageant and contest and sharing it with as much people as possible, such as ladies and fashionistas on YouTube, so they may upload and share their videos at ChichiGirls.com.

That is it for now. Other than that, ChichiGirls also needs additional work on the technical side.

This website, The Five Million Dollar RUMBLE (The Rumble 5), is currently in round 2. You can play the games BlackJack, Slot Machine, and Roulette. No prizes are awarded now, until more RUMBLE spots are sold. There are currently over 107,000 RUMBLES. If you are a website owner looking for a great way to promote your website, then this website is what you've been looking for. For as low as $100, your website will be generating more traffic. The more RUMBLE spots sold, the more prizes, which means the more visitors.

Stay tuned for my next blog entry, as I will be writing in regards to the status of ChichiGirls.com, the results from the contest and pageant, as well as results from backlinking, and my next guerilla marketing techniques I will be incorporating, which you may also render to your website.

This is blog post #36 for The Rumble 5.


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